Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Contemporary Art in San Francisco: Seen During the Work Week

Photo Credit: Renee Marchol NomNom Vietnamese Sandwich Truck from SF Spotted in Walnut Creek
Do you count food trucks as contemporary art? I do. If you've seen the decor inside some revamped busses like Le Truc or the NomNom Truck's exterior, you'd agree. Where else can you find art worth pondering during your lunch break?

Photo Credit: Renee Marchol Jonathan Borofsky Steel Figures at 555 Mission Street in San Francisco
Photo Credit: Renee Marchol Ugo Rondinone's Sculptures at 555 Mission Street in San Francisco
Have you seen the Tim Burtonesque sculptures near the Deloitte building at 555 Mission Street in San Francisco? On Monday, I watched summer associates gather uneasily near Ugo Rondinone's creations. These young men in women, dressed in blue blazers and red ties must have been wondering what does this art mean in a corporate space?

While I was in Los Angeles, I had to skip the actual Tim Burton exhibit at the LACMA because it was $20 over my budget. In contrast, you can see these fancifully scary sculptures for free outdoors. 

You can find other Instagram shots by curious passersby too. If you are curious about Ugo Rondinone, you can travel to New York or read the artist bio on the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston site.

Which of these two artists, with sculptures in SF, wrote numbers for three hours a day obsessively?  Borofsky.
Carnegie Mellon Magazine's Ann Curran contrasts Jonathan Borofsky with Andy Warhol in her article, "Nobody Knows His Name, Everybody Has His Number".

After visiting the Bauhaus Lyonel Feininger photo exhibit at the Getty Museum Center in Los Angeles, with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law I've decided to study modern art more closely.

What is the artist saying about the present? Will this message be meaningful a generation later? Share your San Francisco art photos with me. How do outdoor sculptures compare to indoor galleries?